This Yorkshire Pecorino Fresco (‘young Pecorino’) is only 30 days old, and like all classic Italian young cheeses is smooth, yoghurty and sweet. You could easily over-indulge…


Made by Mario Olianas in Otley, near Leeds, West Yorkshire.


Pasteurised Ewe's Milk

Traditional rennet 


More about this cheese ...


Brought in up Sardinia, Mario Olianas comes from a strong family of Italian gastronomes.  Moving to Leeds in 2001, he quickly set about realising his passion for food – by setting up Italian supper clubs and baking fine foods. Upon hearing about his family’s diversification into cheese-making, however, Mario decided he wanted to create a better Italian cheese than his brothers’.  Getting hold of a small vat, he started making cheese in a specially converted room within his house, following an adapted Pecorino recipe. He uses fresh sheep’s milk which he collects daily from just outside Harrogate, and cultures imported from Italy.


This cheese is based on the classic Pecorino Fresco from Italy.  Most people know the Sardo or Romano varieties of Pecorino, which are hard, dry-aged versions (these were the common types exported from Italy as they travelled well), however in the southern Italy and Italian island villages they also made young (fresco) and semi-soft (semi-stagionato) versions, which were rarely exported.  Mario’s Yorkshire Pecorino is based on the fresco, young version.  Soft and yielding in texture it has a thin undulating rind and is aged for 30 days.

CHEESE Yorkshire Pecorino Fresca