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All of these things are brilliant company for cheese. 


There are two choices, one that includes Pepinillos (cornichons) and one with a very delicious Danish cherry wine instead of cornichons that can also to be enjoyed instead of Port.  We have nothing against Port, we just really love this wine and would like to share it with you and yours.


Just to be clear, there is not any cheese in this box.  It is filled with items that pair nicely with cheese and is designed to be a gift box for the person who might have already taken the choosing of their own cheese very seriously.


However, if that person is you or if you do want to include some cheese in this box, simply add any cheese to this order and we will pack these items and your cheese together into a suitably sized box.




Fredericksdal Cherry Wine 2019 Vintage 50cl


Bernal Pepinillos (cornichons) 170g

Olivelolgy Greek Dried Figs 200g

Pimhill Oatcakes Organic 150g

Rosebud Preserves Old Yorkshire Chutney 198g

Paiarrop Membrillo (quince paste) 140g 


Allergens: Items contain GLUTEN, MILK

Just Add Cheese

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