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This is the box for keen cooks. 


Discover the ingredients we reach for daily both in the Meadows kitchen and in our kitchens at home.  They even come on holiday with us. 


You don't believe they can be any different from the versions you see anywhere and everywhere but they are.  They really are.  


This is an excellent gift box for a cook who already has everything and might even think they know everything.  We hope they will still discover something new and even if they have already met all these products, they will be thrilled to have a fresh supply altogether in one box!



Arabica Urfa Chilli Flakes 50g

Bernal Caperberries 180g

Cambridge Mushrooms Dried Shitake 12.5g

Halen Môn Pure White Sea Salt 100g

Oliveology Organic Wild Greek Oregano Bunch 40g

Parameswaran's Special Wynad Black Peppercorns 75g

Sherry Vinegar Valdespino Riserva 125ml

The Cook's Cupboard

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